Who We Are

We're passionate about helping local merchants better connect with consumers

“The missing piece
in local search”

The Huffington Post

Locu's founders met at MIT in 2010, where they worked on a project together that was supervised by a group of top researchers and lecturers, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. One of his central ideas is to have one unique address for every object in the world. Take Jen, who runs a great Italian restaurant called La Morra. Instead of having to upload a menu to her own website, mobile site, Facebook or one of hundreds of menu review and recommendations sites, she should be able to maintain her menu in a single place. Anytime a change occurs, an update is made across the web. Even better, if someone “likes” a dish or tells his or her friends about it, Jen should be able to track all this in one place. The idea for Locu was born.

One of “6 hot
startups to watch”

Since starting Locu in early 2011, we have talked to and worked with hundreds of merchants, grown our team, and brought on a great group of advisors and investors, raising more than $4.6m in capital.

Our team brings to the table tech experience and local expertise

  • We understand local merchants

    Our team, advisors and investors are not only passionate about helping local merchants, but we also understand the pains and needs a small business can face. Apart from spending a lot of our time with our users, we have deep personal roots; for example, Stelios’ family owns restaurants in New York City, Rene's family has had a small retail business for close to 150 years. We are waking up every day thinking about how we can create a more beautiful world for local merchants.

  • We breathe technology

    Our engineering team of MIT computer science graduates and researchers is working day and night to make it as easy as possible, some might call it magic, to import and update menus, using state-of-the art technology.

  • We live social media

    Prior to Locu, we built Goodplates, a social recommendations app for restaurant dishes, getting a unique perspective on the requirements of review site. To make sure we can offer local merchants a better, more seamless social media presence, we are working with current and former executives from technology companies including Facebook, Twitter and Google.